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Periods and Hip Pain

Having suffered this symptom for years without anyone understanding, this article jumped right out at me! Years ago I would complain of this pain to my doctor, who would just prescribe pain medication. There is a certain peace of mind in knowing why this pain was happening (a worried mind can play nasty tricks) and that there are alternatives to just pill-popping. Anyway, here's the article

The Endometriosis Hip Joint Pain Link

Although not one of the more commonly known symptoms of
endometriosis, hip joint pain can be a real problem for some

An estimated 5-10% of the female population lives with
endometriosis, causing them great inconvenience and disruptions
in their day to day lives. The fact that endometriosis effecting
the hips and your ability to walk is not widely known means that
many women don't make the connection between the two.

Although some women who have endometriosis may not feel its
effects, the disease can manifest with various signs and
symptoms — hip joint pain being one of them.

Hip joint pain can be associated with the other symptoms that
accompany endometriosis, such as pain in the pelvic area,
increased discomfort during menstruation, constipation,
dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, pain while urinating, pain while having
sex, fatigue, lower back pain and more.

Those with more serious occurrences of endometriosis may even
become infertile. Because of these serious life-disrupting
symptoms, endometriosis is considered to be a very serious
matter in women's reproductive health.

Endometriosis occurs when cells similar to the endometrium, a
thin tissue lining of the uterus, appear outside the uterus and
attach themselves to neighboring organs in the abdomen,
including hip tendons.

Inline with the endometrium in the uterus these cells grow and
are shed each month. However, unlike the uterus, the menstrual
blood and tissue has no escape, causing inflammation, scarring
and over time adhesions form.

Adhesions are web-like structures made up of scar tissue that
bind internal organs and ligaments together. These stretch and
pull causing pain.

Hip joint pain caused by endometriosis is usually because
endometrial tissues have attached themselves to the sciatic
nerve, the hip ligaments or are present in the lower pelvic
region. This type of hip pain normally worsens during
menstruation and improves during the rest of the month. For some
women it can cause limping or may even effect their ability to
walk altogether.

The actual cause of the disease is still not entirely known.
Early theories about the cause of endometriosis suggested that
the misplacing of endometrial cells occurred when women had
retrograde menstruation. This is where menstrual blood goes
inward to pelvic organs instead of being flushed out of the
uterus. However, this is largely disproved since most women
experience retrograde menstruation but not all of them go onto
develop endometriosis.

Recent studies about the disease revealed that endometriosis
may result from an immune response exhibited towards the spread
of endometrial cells. Furthermore, studies also shown a genetic
link with the disease and thus heredity could be a significant
factor. Unfortunately these studies have still not come up with
a definite answer to what causes endometriosis. More studies are
being conducted about this now.

The degree of endometriosis varies greatly among women, and so
the treatment also differs quite extensively. When choosing a
treatment option, there are a number of considerations to bear
in mind.

A number of the medical treatments available are hormonal in
nature and repress the production of estrogen in the body. This
generally improves symptoms but means you will be unable to
conceive due to ovulation stopping.

For mild endometriosis symptoms you can take painkillers and
anti-inflammatories which are available either as
over-the-counter medicines or prescription pain relievers.

Some women opt for conservative surgery. This primarily
involves the removal and destruction of endometriosis implants
and adhesions. This can also help eliminate the hip joint pain
caused by the disease. Surgeries are usually done using a
laparoscope for minimal invasion, but more serious treatments
might require larger incisions.

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Endometriosis hip joint pain can interfere with your life quite
dramatically each month. If you think you have the signs of the
disease, you should immediately consult your doctor. Otherwise,
it is best to regularly check with your OB/GYN to maintain good
reproductive health.

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